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​It usually just starts with one or two. You're looking for a pet, either for yourself or your kids. You don't want the lack of interaction that comes with getting a fish, and hamsters barely live long enough for a lasting bond to be formed. You're not really a bird, cat, or dog person.  Or, you're just looking for an animal companion that brings something just a little extra to the table.


Chinchillas are friendly, intelligent, affectionate animals that can bring a whole new level of joy to your family life. With their natural charisma and personality traits individual to each animal, it was easy to fall in love with the species as a whole. Today, we have become one of many established chinchilla breeders in the Pacific Northwest, participating in shows and breeding programs to bring out the best in these cute little guys. We offer our animals the individual attention, love, and care that each of them deserve, and ensure that your future pet has received the best possible care from birth until the moment it moves from our home to yours. Hand-fed babies become accustomed to human contact as soon as possible, ensuring your pet will adjust smoothly to you and its new surroundings.


We take pride in our animals, and hope that we can aid you in finding the next addition to your family! We have been breeding chinchillas for 28 years and we will be breeding them for many, many more. So you can trust that you and the animal you buy will have support throughout its lifetime.

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chinchillas for sale
chinchillas for sale
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